lunes, 13 de junio de 2016

My favorite music

Hi im Oscar. I like dubstep music,my favorite group it's spinin records.
I like motivirus,Tremor of dimitri vegas songs.
Dubstep is a genere of electronic dance music that originated in south London,England.
It amerged in the late 1990s as a development within a lineage of related stiles such as 2-step garage,dug,techno,drum,and bass,broken beat,jungle,and reggae.
Martin Garrix y MOTI-Virus (How About Now)[OUT NOW]


would like to visite England.
Because it is very nice.
Good lanscapes.
I like all the contry but
i wold like to see BIG BEN

I would like to visite Cuba
Because i like the beach
The tradicional food is very good

I wold like to vsite Thailand
Because the monkeys steal the food
its very cool.

Punta Cana (125331466)

I wold to visite Costa Rica
Because i like animals
the food is very tasty.

 I like to visite Caribe because,
Punt Cana, which is among the beast
 golf destination in the wold.

martes, 24 de mayo de 2016


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